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 Basis of the flashing and Flexing Motorola

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Basis of the flashing and Flexing Motorola Empty
PostSubject: Basis of the flashing and Flexing Motorola   Basis of the flashing and Flexing Motorola EmptyMon Mar 16, 2009 3:12 pm

I see there are many doubts in this issue,. I am still far from being an expert but I have learned a little more (sometimes with a bad experience) and I would like to share with you

First you must know that the flex is a version of the software that make running your Telephone / functions (such as Win XP, Win 2000, etc. on a PC). Flex is a group version of a feature in the software, you make your phone run / work like that and also identified or recognized as one of the model partikuler.

Let's make an example:

R261171LD_U_99.41.08R_LP0021_DRM1001_VSTU_207_0C_J PID_R261171_HGM_Volans_S3_5_USVOLANT678RKR26117102 0_1FF (V3XX fullflash file)

This is the data / flash files you seutuhnya / full. There are flash (V3xx_
R261171LD_U_99.41.08R) PDS, Languague pack, Java, Flex (USVOLANT678RKR261171020) and the boot loader you how to recognize it has krn file2 yg sdh end FF usual. Delete this file smua information on your phone and install the new version.

You can have any Flex files, langpack file or other component that by itself. Service when you need to modify the parameters in a certain part.

You also need some software to do this modification.

Motorola Mobile Phone Tools
Motorola Phone Support Tool PST (for 7.2.5)
Tools included in Multiflashflex PST
P2K Drivers

Motokit 1:06 or P2K file manager (Personally I prefer Motokit)
LeaderGl Flex Editor 10.0 (when you want to take the risk you modify Flex)
You can also find this software in the forum if you want a bit trying to find it.


* Make sure you know a little about your phone before you do something. Not all such hp same hp presumptive V600 and V600i triplets using R376 series (software) but they look the same when you compare it in your hands. Memflashing a phone with any software you can kill / hp is dead forever.
* Always make back up.
* Make sure you use a file that is not locked to the carrier / brand unless certain hp locked by your carrier sdg do you use (eg: Software Key to Cingular Cingular Telf not be a problem). If you use the wrong file you telephone you will be locked.

You need to connect the USB cable when you install the software, you get the dependable vendor nearest you. goods found this very easy to use mini-USB as the digital camera, card raeder you can also use it to buy from one of you).

STEP 2 The following is a flash for almost all HP series V.
1. Create a backup or backup all HP equipment (ringtones, images, video, telephone books, etc.) smuanya will be lost during the process.
2.Pastikan batre you are fully, if not full fill it. If you run out batre during the ongoing say goodbye to your HP.
3. Sometimes be useful if we first remove the sim card, especially if you are locked. Some phone sometimes does not recognize the keypad after flashing and you will not lock for bisi. (jgn afraid it can regenerate)
4. Turn on your phone and connect to your cable.
5. Connect the cable to the PC and run the PST. The program will identify and HP will install. Slama this process will be required P2K drivers, browse, and leave the program installed.
6. When hhnya already installed on bnr you will see in the left corner: Motorola P2K port: USB.
7. Browse full flash file, and select it.
8. Motorola P2K double click the program and will notify the "Flash to change the device mode"
9. layer in the Hp you will change and will appear black spt this sentence: Boot Loader SW version X. XX xxxxxxxxx USB Battery OK Ok to transfer. Press flash button and follow the instructions. (in progress slama 15-20menit)
10. Do not disconnect your hp slama this progress.
11. Telf when this is finished you will die, and PST will ask you if you want more flashing Telf else?
12. STEP 2 After this the phone you're ready to use, but if you want to have to add or modify, such as langpack or Flek or anything else jg, Now is the time.
13. Equipment Multiflashflex open and close the PST and use it to change Langpack, do or re-install Flash Flex new. The process is sam. The difference is big hp is already connected will appear and let you go no need to double Click on the device to activate it again it will automatically change to flash mode when you start the procedure page.
14. Motokit is a good program where you can modify the text in the outside layer, while the GPRS active text, browse your phone files and many msh lg. if you want to do this all the time skrglah if not then you are finished.
15. re-enter your SIM card and turn on and start made goods or filled with your personal application.

STEP 2 I hope this can help some org. if someone would like to add or correct then please do
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Basis of the flashing and Flexing Motorola
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