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 Secret Code LG CDMA

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Secret Code LG CDMA Empty
PostSubject: Secret Code LG CDMA   Secret Code LG CDMA EmptyMon Mar 16, 2009 5:38 am

lgc-300, etc Nam Programming:

Nam Set: Menu, 9, Spc

A-key: Press "Sto" 3sec, 2539**

lgc-330w, etc Nam Programming:

Nam Set: Menu, 4, 0, Spc

A-key: 2539**

lgc-510, v111, etc Nam Programming:

Nam Set: Menu, 3, 0, Spc

A-key: 2539**

lgc-500, 800w, etc Nam Programming:

Nam Set: Menu, 9 , 0, Spc

Debug Mode: Menu, 7, 0, Fsc

Debug Mode: Menu, 8, 0, Fsc

A-key: 2539**

Lg LX,VX-series, VX4400, VX6000, etc Nam Programming:

Nam Set: ##Spc

Nam Set: Menu, 0

Advanced Settings: ##2342

Vocoder: ##8626337,ok

CAI Change: ##7738,ok

Enable TTY: ##889,ok

A-key: ##2539,ok

Reset (Life time, Clear Memory, etc): ##786,ok
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Secret Code LG CDMA
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