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 Cool Firefox 1.0

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PostSubject: Cool Firefox 1.0   Sun Mar 15, 2009 4:08 pm

Cool Firefox 1.0 is collection of additions (tem and expansions) for the web-browser of Mozilla Firefox. All expansions and themes are set one xpi-file. The most useful and popular expansions and most beautiful themes entered in collection. Cool Firefox 1.0 will help to do a browser more beautiful and comfortable, and surfing more rapid and safe. Compatibility: Mozilla Firefox 3.0.*- 3.0.5.

In a version Cool Firefox 1.0 entered:
Abaca classic 1.2.1,
Aero Fox 3.0.2,
Black Steel 1.2.2,
Chromifox 1.0,
Glaze Black 3.1,
Gradient iCool 1.0.5,
Nemesis 3.0,
Office 2007 Black 1.1.1,
Silvermel 1.1.0_b1

AdblockPlus 1.0.1 – will allow expansions you to rev up load of pages, by blocking of the obtrusive advertising.

All-in-OneSidebar 0.7.8 – after setting of expansion, a comfortable pop-up menu will appear in levoy part of web-browser.

BossKey 0.2.0 – expansion allows to displace the browser of Mozilla Firefox in system trey.

FEBE 6.1beta2 – expansion allows to create back up for the web-browser of Mozilla Firefox. They will allow fully to recover a type (including book-marks, themes, expansions, etc.) in the case of his loss, for example, after reinstalling of the program.

Flagfox 3.3.7 – after setting of expansion in an address line the flag of country a site is located in which will be represented additionally (khosting-provider).

NoScript is expansion, locking execution of javascript, apletov Java, Flash and and other potentially dangerous component of HTML-pages until an user will not settle their execution on this knot or globally. Also No-script allows users to conduct the white lists of sites which it is let to use this possibility. Another possibility of NoScript is protecting of user from site of script (XSS of attacks), with possibility of forming of separate lists of servers for which the similar with XSS an attack is needed functionality. In general, this expansion is multiplied by speed of load of resource and promotes safety of surfing.

Sxipper 2.2.1 – after setting of this expansion of RoboForms no longer may need, as to memorize, reliably to keep and automatically insert passwords and fill forms now there will be Sxipper.

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Cool Firefox 1.0
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