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 FaceFilter Studio v2.0.1206.1

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FaceFilter Studio v2.0.1206.1 Empty
PostSubject: FaceFilter Studio v2.0.1206.1   FaceFilter Studio v2.0.1206.1 EmptyTue Mar 31, 2009 10:49 am

FaceFilter Studio v2.0.1206.1 0009c274_medium
FaceFilter Studio v2.0.1206.1 | 16Mb
FaceFilter Studio is a powerfully simple, quick and easy photo editor
that enables you to fine-tune your photos for creating perfect,
professional looking results every time. FaceFilter Studio is ideal for
novice users looking to edit their first photos or for professional
photographers needing to enhance facial characteristics or expressions
in studio portraits. Reallusion?s unique facial beautification
technology empowers anyone to enhance expressions, reduce oily gloss,
neutralize heavy shadow, remove facial blemishes, wrinkles and red-eye,
enhance skin tone and automatically correct color in digital photos
with simple steps.

Utilizing Reallusion's fully automated 3D facial mapping technology,
FaceFilter Studio now not only has the ability to change and enhance
facial expressions, but also offers new features including: muscle
based morphing; editable facial mask; skin filtration; smart color
correction; 1-click red eye removal and instant photo-sticker printing.
FaceFilter Studio has the ability to truly deliver perfect photos by
enabling anyone to enhance expressions, remove common skin blemishes,
smooth wrinkles, sharpen and improve facial structure, correct color
balance and more.

The powerful image color correction function, Smart Portrait,
auto-detects human face and skin color to create vibrant colorful
photos from imperfectly lit images such as over/under exposed, taken
with a low quality camera or washed due to backlighting.

Red-eye often seen in flash photography due to reflection of the retina
can quickly and easily be removed with a single click with the new
function of automatic red-eye reduction. This new function can
simultaneously find red eyes on multiple faces of your photos. Also it
is easy to change eye color to any color you desire.

Print instant photo-stickers with various mood expressions.

Supports high resolution image rendering up to 12 Mega pixels for professional camera users and prints fine quality.

In addition to a library of facial expression templates, FaceFilter
Studio provides free-form muscle level tuning tools that allow you to
tweak 16 different muscle areas on the face to produce natural/subtle
expression changes, such as raising inner brow to look sympathetic, or
raising mouth edge to increase the curve of a smile.

Fine tune existing expression templates and save in your own custom
template folder. Build your own tool box without the need to tune from

High resolution facial mesh; keeps the smooth facial contours of your
images without causing any distortion when adjusting facial features.

Skin enhancement; now you can erase wrinkles, whiten teeth, smooth
skin, change skin tone easily with the extensive skin filtration tools.

Lighting; reduce washed-out/overexposure, brighten shadowed areas, and
remove shine or gloss on the face. Make every face a glamorous image
with vibrant, clean and healthy skin.
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FaceFilter Studio v2.0.1206.1
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